Gratitude is more than a feeling… it’s an attitude!

Gratitude is more than a feeling… it’s an attitude!


I cannot believe that we are already in 2023! Where has the time gone?!

Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with how fast things change and people evolve. It can become a source of anxiety if you choose to compare your life or where you stand to other people’s lives and accomplishments. As human beings, the pressure of delivering becomes so important that we tend to forget to celebrate the little wins.

We live in a heavily digitally connected world, making it possible for someone like me sitting in her office in Guinea to reach someone in Canada or South Korea through an article, for instance. This era of connectedness is also the cause of angst to so many, because it is likely to show you how everyone else is doing what you are ‘supposed’ to be doing at a certain stage of your life. To put a bow on the grand achievements, overshadowing the continuous efforts and work that it has taken those people, and is probably taking you, to get there.

While it contributes to creating an unrealistic set of expectations for a lot of people, I still believe that the attitude towards this digital world is more to blame than the content itself. If I had to put it in numbers, I would say that it is a 51-49 % type of situation, with the highest number going to people’s reaction to the contents presented.

A simple example: we all know and have probably once been a part of the ‘New Year, New Me’ clan for all the wrong reasons. Reading the public’s resolutions at every beginning of the years, most look like badly veiled attempts to sending a message to an old friend, old lover, old boss, whatever the case may be. And even though it’s healthy to let it out from time to time, it’s important to not let it become your brand.

Folks these days have a tendency to act following the way they want to be perceived or they want to appear, rather than really embodying it. Instead of living in and embracing the moment, they commit time and energy to the wrong things.

What has worked for me personally is the practice of constant gratitude. Gratitude for small but essential matters such as my health, my mental and financial stability, my self confidence and all the things I have worked, and keep working so hard to nurture and protect.

You see, I view gratitude as more than a feeling… it’s an ATTITUDE!

As soon as you start performing gratitude and implimenting it in your everyday life, you will be less and less affected by all the noise around you.

At the beginning of this year when I reflected on 2022, I realized that I had lost so many friends, and I started questioning myself about where things might have gone wrong. What I found out was such an epiphany moment for me!

I have realized that what these people had in common was the fact that I diluted myself to be friends with them while they were NEVER even meant to be in my circle. We were never meant to be friends because I had to water down myself, my views, my values, for us to sustain a relationship. As soon as I stopped, the link was broken.

This does not mean that they are bad people, it just means that they are not MY people. And instead on dwelling on the lost relationships, I could focus on the people who have been consistantly rock solid for me. Those who make as much effort, give as much weigth to our tie than I do.

Gratitude is the one that took me to that place of peace of mind.

Practicing gratitude gives you perspective, it gives you a range of understanding of other people, it opens your eyes to all the good parts of your life. It even makes you appreciate the less good ones, because you quickly understand that everything in this life is a passing moment.


So my advice to you on this fine beginning of the year is to make of gratitude more than a trend, a mood, a feeling… make it your attitude!

I hope you’ve all spent the best holidays and that going back to work has not been too challenging!

Sending you all the love in the world!

Xoxo, Narcisse!!!

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough.” – Anonymous
Goodbye Negativity

Goodbye Negativity

Hi, hi!

Did you miss me a lot or even more than that?


It is the beginning of a new week and I am super excited to be starting it by publishing this new article!

I haven’t been able to post anything for over a month, and this is simply because I have been going through a serious period in my life. One, I believe, every [aspiring] writer goes through: The infamous writer’s block.

Let me tell you that it is very much real.

It was not that I didn’t have anything to write about, but I just could not manage to formulate these ideas into words, let alone lengthy and entertaining articles.

Words were just stuck in my head and didn’t want to fall out of it. As much as I have tried writing this whole time, I simply could not.

I also let laziness push through, if I am being completely honest. I was so busy living my life and trying to get things done that I left the blog on the sidelines.


I am back now, and with good reason. I have finally found a new topic that will surely make for a nice blog post.

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Open Letter To Myself |Again|

Open Letter To Myself |Again|

Hi, hi, hi!

Happy Monday and happy beginning of the week to everyone!

I know that Mondays are absolutely not the most fun days, for lack of better words, but I hope you’ve all found a way to make of them « Okay days » at the very least.

Today I woke up with a feeling of discouragement, for whatever reason. Lately, I feel like I am too sensitive, a little on the edge with my emotions, and I feel like negative thoughts are getting the best of me.

And to be honest, that’s because it has been pointed out to me. But instead of making me want to stop, think, and work on it, it has made me fall deeper into it. The sentiment that I am wrong for being this emotional, that it has to change, that I have to change, made me close up a little more.

I am not saying that people should walk on eggshells when it comes to telling me what I’m doing wrong or where I’m lacking, even more so when I know that it comes from a place of love. It is just that it’s hard when I already feel like I am not at my best, but that’s just me navigating through my own thoughts.

I had to sit back and think about how I function. There must be something wrong in it.

The only thing I found is that the way I react to things is not necessarily the best at the moment. I can perceive and misunderstand all I want, it’s completely normal. But the way I choose to react to people’s words and actions is what I should focus on.

I cannot control how people deliver their messages or expect them to do it the way I deliver mine, but I can control the way I act towards those. Even though realizing where I lacked made me feel guilty and apologetic towards those who had to endure the worst of it, and also a little bit embarrassed, it also helped me realize what I was doing right.

Sure, I need to work on the way I handle things, but I’m not that much out of the way. I really care a lot, and it makes me give my thousand percent every time for my loved ones. That must be something to appreciate in me.

Lately, I have been mending my past broken relationships, giving space for forgiveness to take over resentment. That is also something I must be proud of.

I have been working on prioritizing family a lot more, and over everything. Not only when I am down and emotionally in need. That is a plus too!

I have managed to put a smile on my loved ones’ faces, to make them proud of my accomplishments. This is something to smile about.

I give my time, my energy, and all of my love, with no selfish thoughts. Good job, Esther!

I am a positive person, and I don’t let life get me down. I give a lot of importance to my mental health, and I make sure to spread a good word every time I can.

And there are many more things I do on a daily basis that make me feel like I’m not a too shabby human being. Haha!

I am not trying to brag, it’s just that I needed the vote of confidence today so that the rest of my week could go without too many bumps.

I am doing something right, and I am still working on myself. It’s all good and it’s normal!

I am trying my best, and that’s good enough.

Wow, this really feels good. I wrote the things I strongly believe I’m doing right, and I feel a lot better.

This one is more for myself but if it helps anyone out there, then I’d be more than glad.

Much love to you all, and have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Narcisse Xx

Tu M’inspires Ce Que J’inspire A Mon Tour

Tu M’inspires Ce Que J’inspire A Mon Tour

Voici la version en ANGLAIS.

Bonjour, bonjour!

Comment allez-vous?

Pour cette nouvelle semaine j’ai décidé de poster mon article en Français ET en Anglais! Dorénavant, j’essaierais de tous les poster en deux versions pour que tout le monde puisse en profiter sans aller toutes les deux minutes sur Google Traduction (Coucou David, Haha).

Pour être honnête avec vous, cet article était prévu pour le 4 Septembre, qui se trouve être la date d’anniversaire de Beyoncé. Pour ceux qui me connaissent ou qui apprennent à me connaitre, si il y a une chose dont tout le monde est au courant c’est bien mon amour et ma loyauté pour THE Queen.

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You Inspire What I Inspire

You Inspire What I Inspire

Here is the FRENCH version.

Hello, hello!

How have you been?

For this new piece, I have decided to post in English AND French! From now on, I will try my very best to publish my articles in both versions, so that everyone enjoys it without having to go on Google Translate every two seconds (Cc David, Haha!).

To be honest, this article was intended for last week on September 4th for Beyoncé’s birthday.

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Denimoon Design

Denimoon Design

La mode en famille.

Denimoon Design c’est exactement cela. Du plus loin que je me souvienne, ma mère a toujours aimé dessiner et coudre. Elle adorait créer des tenues originales pour ma soeur et moi pour les fêtes, les cérémonies et autres. Ça la stimulait d’imaginer de nouveaux modèles, de nouvelles coupes de vêtements, et de nous visualiser avec.

En grandissant, nous nous sommes naturellement aussi intéressées à la couture et avons été charmées par la beauté du textile Africain. C’est grâce à tout ce engouement que Maman a fini par réaliser un de ses rêves d’enfant en créant Denimoon Design.

« Denimoon » c’est la combinaison de mon deuxième prénom et du premier prénom de ma soeur, donc dès le départ Maman a eu une réelle envie de nous inclure dans le processus.

Elle a ouvert un atelier de couture, a engagé des tailleurs qui lui permettraient de faire de sa vision une réalité, et a commencé par se faire faire des tenues personnelles avec ses modèles originaux. Elle les a portées lors de cérémonies et s’est tout doucement forgée une clientèle proche. Pendant des années, elle ne faisait que des vêtements pour dames, et les tenues Africaines quelque peu jeunes et modernes qu’elle créait étaient exclusivement destinées à ma soeur, quelques cousines, et moi même.

Ma soeur et moi avons remarqué une vague d’intérêt mondial pour le textile, les coupes, et créations Africaines et on s’est dit que ça serait bien que celles de Maman soient mises en valeur et soient vendues un peu partout. Depuis, nous lui proposons tous les mois au moins deux idées de tenues chacune, et nous l’aidons à imaginer de nouveaux modèles.

J’ai été plus qu’heureuse d’avoir l’occasion de montrer une partie de notre collection lors d’un défilé CASA au Canada, et de pouvoir afficher la beauté qui se dégage de la simplicité du textile Africain.





Comme vous pouvez le voir, les modèles sont simples, ils étaient faciles à mettre et très comfortables à porter. Ils ont été appréciés et vendus rapidement après avoir été présentés. Un réel succès!

Pendant l’année, nous avons aussi fait beaucoup d’autres tenues et accessoires qui n’ont pas été mis en vente auprès du grand public, mais qui ont néanmoins eu leur moment de gloire dans notre cercle personnel.


J’aime vraiment cette marque. Plus pour ce qu’elle représente pour ma mère, ma soeur et moi que pour ce qu’elle a accompli ou essaye d’accomplir. C’est un héritage sentimental que l’on partage avec Maman, étant encore de jeunes filles, mais que j’espère continuer de partager avec ma soeur encore longtemps. Et qui sait, peut-être le passer à nos filles aussi?

Je tiens à remercier Maman pour ce cadeau qu’elle nous a fait et j’espère que vous avez tous apprécié ce petit article plein de couleurs.

PS: Une page Facebook sera bientôt créée pour que vous puissiez vous aussi passer vos commandes!

Je sais, je sais, de rien! Haha!

Des bisous de Narcisse! Xx

Merci aux géniaux photographes du CASA Culture Show sans qui nous n’aurions pas pu avoir ces beaux souvenirs à garder, ainsi qu’au CASA Club de nous avoir permis de participer à leur évènement haut en couleur ❤

Lettre Ouverte À Moi Même

Lettre Ouverte À Moi Même




Pour tout ce que tu as accompli, tout ce pourquoi tu t’es battu et qui a abouti

Pour tout ce que tu as réalisé et qui t’as rendu fière

D’être restée tenace face à l’adversité

De t’être battue pour les choses auxquelles tu crois, les choses qui te tenaient à coeur

D’avoir fait confiance, d’avoir ouvert ton coeur, et de ne pas l’avoir laissé s’assombrir par tes peines.


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