Goodbye Negativity

Goodbye Negativity

Hi, hi!

Did you miss me a lot or even more than that?


It is the beginning of a new week and I am super excited to be starting it by publishing this new article!

I haven’t been able to post anything for over a month, and this is simply because I have been going through a serious period in my life. One, I believe, every [aspiring] writer goes through: The infamous writer’s block.

Let me tell you that it is very much real.

It was not that I didn’t have anything to write about, but I just could not manage to formulate these ideas into words, let alone lengthy and entertaining articles.

Words were just stuck in my head and didn’t want to fall out of it. As much as I have tried writing this whole time, I simply could not.

I also let laziness push through, if I am being completely honest. I was so busy living my life and trying to get things done that I left the blog on the sidelines.


I am back now, and with good reason. I have finally found a new topic that will surely make for a nice blog post.


The biggest bearers of negativity in people’s lives.

Have you ever been in contact (direct or indirect) with toxic people or malignant behaviors?

Have you ever felt like someone close to you, someone you know, someone you grew up with happens to have very harmful habits and behavior, polluting your inner and outer peace?

Or, have you ever felt like you were that person?

Whether it is intentional or not, I am pretty sure we all have (or are) these types of friends, family members, friends of friends, etc in our entourage, bringing somber energies every place they set their foot in.

They are people who usually think they are entitled to everyone’s consideration, loyalty, attention, without questioning their own ability to give it back.

They think they know how everything works, without the shadow of a doubt, and that includes you.

They do not only shut you down when they feel betrayed, but they also expect you to often agree with them and do as they say. They can be a bit narcissistic at times, forgetting that not everything has to go their way.

They usually demand everyone else to own up to their own mistakes but notice how their doing is never their fault or responsibility.

They rarely fully support you and sometimes unintentionally bash your ideas and projects, because deep down maybe they wish they were the ones who came up with them first.

They do not know how to genuinely be happy for other people, because they are too busy being petty.

They will slander you and attack your character whenever you start fighting back and caring about your own well being. They cannot handle you breaking the cord.

It is a very harmful pattern that you can help fix by bringing attention to it to that friend/family member.

Not everyone does it out of spite for people, it is just what some of them have been doing for so long without anybody telling them how toxic it really is.

And if you are that friend, it is imperative that you check yourself from time to time and admit that you can be wrong sometimes. Learn to accept it, to own it, and apologize for it. It is hard to do so, especially when it is what you have been doing your whole life, but with willingness and some efforts on your part, you can definitely turn a new leaf.

If you are on the other side, however, and communication does not work, because we all know that it is not for everyone, just do one thing: walk away.

Your focus should be about protecting your inner peace and your well-being. No one is worth losing sleep over, for all the wrong reasons at that.

No one can stop your happiness if you don’t let them. Let them talk and walk, because we all know that misery loves company.


Another aspect of this is how you can sometimes be your own enemy. Your own thoughts, negative expectations, and outlook on life can be some of the worst habits in your life. I can even argue that they hurt as much, if not more than what external voices do to you.

It is that little voice inside that makes you think that everything can go wrong at any given time, stops you from enjoying and living in the moment, and literally blocks your shine. Don’t let it get to you!

This is oftentimes what happens with skeptical people. They think they are being preventive, realistic, and the list goes on when they are just not taking advantage of the good moments.

All of this just to say that it is important to acknowledge where the problem is, to be able to fix it.

You can have a best friend, cousin, parent, etc but if they hurt you more than they do good by you, you do not have any obligation to withstand it your whole life.

If you are the one with the harmful behavior, work hard to change it, for your own good.

You cannot erase everyone from your life, but you can limit the impact they have on it. It is complicated and complex, but more than necessary because any type of negativity is very damaging.

The decision is yours to make.

Be bold and make it today!


I hope you liked this short article. I guess I needed to vent a little bit. I wish everyone to have positive energy and people around them.

See how far that takes you when it’s all genuine love.

Have the greatest, most productive and positive week.

Always remember to never let anyone rain on your parade 🦋

Narcisse Xx

PS: Credits of the images to the rightful owners.


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