The Passion Project

The Passion Project

I want to start this week with some positivity

I want to start this week with some empowerment

I want to start this week with some motivation

I want to start this week with some vision

Isn’t it always easier to just stand still in our despair?

To wallow in the fate that we are so quick to call crual?

Instead of moving forward, fighting harder, and trying again?

Lately, I have found myself feeling unsatisfied with my professional life.

Yes, I’ve got a job with a title that has a nice ring to it.

Yes, I will be moving up the ladder sooner or later (sad fact: it will be later), and I will have some security and stability on the long run.

No, it does not pay that well yet. No, it is not the reason why I feel unsatisfied.

I simply do not evolve where I am. Professionnally, as well as mentally speaking.

To put it bluntly: I don’t like going to work. I don’t feel excited about the job, and I simply come to do my part then leave.

I don’t think this is the life I want to lead for the next twenty to twenty-five years of my life. No, I am certain that this is not the life I want to lead for the next decades of my existence.

For a little while, I started to lose motivation, focus and interest. I did not let it affect my job, but it surely affected my headspace.

I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t doing much to change the situation either. It was not that I was scared of loosing something, it was more about me being too complacent about whatever stage I was going through.

Instead of acting on the situation, I let it linger longer.

Everything changed the day I actually voiced my frustration. I had been keeping it inside for so long that it came out as a complaint and my husband was not expecting all the things I was revealing to him.

His surprise made me realize that if I don’t act on my situation (i.e. Talk about it), it might actually never change. So, instead of going to work everyday with a heavy heart, I could just start looking for another job, or start looking at it as an opportunity to find something I actually love doing and get myself excited over the infinite possibilities that are offered to me.

And actually do something about it!

My vision was narrowed for some time, but I feel ready to open up to new horizons. Just the thought of it gives me a new sense of purpose, a feeling of new beginnings and unending chances.

Sometimes the push you need cannot be found in other people’s words, actions, but within yourself. You’ve got to find the strenght and courage to do things the way YOU want to and can do them.

Find the time and the courage to go beyond your insecurities and worries. Face your fears.

This all sounds so cliché, but I am only speaking from my experience. Nothing is going to change if you don’t act and move those mountains yourself.

There is this Chinese saying that inspires me a lot « When the wind blows change, some build walls and others build windmills ». Just like for everything else, In life, it is better to be flexible than stubborn (heard it in a movie a few weeks back).

Don’t stay in your situation or build protective walls around you out of fear of failing or being called a quitter. Don’t refrain yourself from flying out of fear of crashing. 

Accept that if you are unhappy sometimes it might mean that this situation is not made for you. Accept that you need to do better in order to find better [things]. Accept that you might have been wrong to go this way instead of that way and take it as a precious life lesson.

Move onto things that actually work best for you.

Things that make you happy and get you excited. Don’t let any social pressure fool you. Good or bad, they will always have something to say about your route. Focus and do it for you.

I always stand by these words: Better to have lessons than regrets.

I think it’s high time for you to trust your guts and go for it, as long as what you do does not affect people’s lives or hurt anyone. And on top of that, if it makes you happy and feel purposeful?

I say go for it!

I wanted to start this week with some positivity

I wanted to start this week with some empowerment

I wanted to start this week with some motivation

I wanted to start this week with some vision

I thank God for being able to say that I have found all of these, at least this week. And I pray and wish for you to get all the blessings, happiness and peace of mind you’re praying for.

I hope I was able to motivate you today, and if not, to at least have made you smile with my newfound excitement for my career life.

With all the positive vibes and the love,

Narcisse Xx

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4 réflexions sur “The Passion Project

  1. Cool cet article, plein de bienveillance. Les choses finiront par se clarifier et je suis sûre que tu trouveras un milieu professionnel qui te plaira plus vu que tu es remplie d’intention. Les choses de la vie hin 🙂

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  2. Super bel article! 💯 Je suis contente que cette semaine tu as pu trouvé tout cela! Je suis sur et j’espère que plus vite que tu ne le penses, tu trouveras un travail dans lequel tu te sentiras épanouie! Keep going! You got this!!! Much Love ❤️

    Aimé par 1 personne

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