Open Letter To Myself |Again|

Open Letter To Myself |Again|

Hi, hi, hi!

Happy Monday and happy beginning of the week to everyone!

I know that Mondays are absolutely not the most fun days, for lack of better words, but I hope you’ve all found a way to make of them « Okay days » at the very least.

Today I woke up with a feeling of discouragement, for whatever reason. Lately, I feel like I am too sensitive, a little on the edge with my emotions, and I feel like negative thoughts are getting the best of me.

And to be honest, that’s because it has been pointed out to me. But instead of making me want to stop, think, and work on it, it has made me fall deeper into it. The sentiment that I am wrong for being this emotional, that it has to change, that I have to change, made me close up a little more.

I am not saying that people should walk on eggshells when it comes to telling me what I’m doing wrong or where I’m lacking, even more so when I know that it comes from a place of love. It is just that it’s hard when I already feel like I am not at my best, but that’s just me navigating through my own thoughts.

I had to sit back and think about how I function. There must be something wrong in it.

The only thing I found is that the way I react to things is not necessarily the best at the moment. I can perceive and misunderstand all I want, it’s completely normal. But the way I choose to react to people’s words and actions is what I should focus on.

I cannot control how people deliver their messages or expect them to do it the way I deliver mine, but I can control the way I act towards those. Even though realizing where I lacked made me feel guilty and apologetic towards those who had to endure the worst of it, and also a little bit embarrassed, it also helped me realize what I was doing right.

Sure, I need to work on the way I handle things, but I’m not that much out of the way. I really care a lot, and it makes me give my thousand percent every time for my loved ones. That must be something to appreciate in me.

Lately, I have been mending my past broken relationships, giving space for forgiveness to take over resentment. That is also something I must be proud of.

I have been working on prioritizing family a lot more, and over everything. Not only when I am down and emotionally in need. That is a plus too!

I have managed to put a smile on my loved ones’ faces, to make them proud of my accomplishments. This is something to smile about.

I give my time, my energy, and all of my love, with no selfish thoughts. Good job, Esther!

I am a positive person, and I don’t let life get me down. I give a lot of importance to my mental health, and I make sure to spread a good word every time I can.

And there are many more things I do on a daily basis that make me feel like I’m not a too shabby human being. Haha!

I am not trying to brag, it’s just that I needed the vote of confidence today so that the rest of my week could go without too many bumps.

I am doing something right, and I am still working on myself. It’s all good and it’s normal!

I am trying my best, and that’s good enough.

Wow, this really feels good. I wrote the things I strongly believe I’m doing right, and I feel a lot better.

This one is more for myself but if it helps anyone out there, then I’d be more than glad.

Much love to you all, and have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Narcisse Xx


4 réflexions sur “Open Letter To Myself |Again|

  1. Woow! 😍 j’adore comment en lisant cet article, je peux t’imaginer le dire. Keep being true to yourself! you are doing amazing! new beautiful doors are opening for you and we are all so proud of you ❤️🤗 as always the crazy one 😂😂😂😘😘😍

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  2. I am so glad you were able to write down the things you are doing right! it is so important to be objective with ourselves! Good job you!! Keep going

    Also, i could have written this article words for words except for the thing you do right lol; so THANK YOUUUUU :-*

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    1. Sis, I’m a hundred percent certain that you do all of these right and much more! Don’t underestimate your light! Look how you’ve put a smile on my face with your comment? That means more than you know!

      I’m glad the article spoke to you. I love you, and always remember that you’re soooooo worth it! ❤


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