You Inspire What I Inspire

You Inspire What I Inspire

Here is the FRENCH version.

Hello, hello!

How have you been?

For this new piece, I have decided to post in English AND French! From now on, I will try my very best to publish my articles in both versions, so that everyone enjoys it without having to go on Google Translate every two seconds (Cc David, Haha!).

To be honest, this article was intended for last week on September 4th for Beyoncé’s birthday.

For those who know me or are getting to know me, there is one thing that isn’t a secret to anyone and that is my love and loyalty for THE Queen.

Without wanting to sound too biased, Beyoncé is the best performing artist of this generation. Hands down! Have you watched or been to one of her concerts? Even trough a screen, there is an energy that only emanates from her and her only. SHE IS SASHA FIERCE!

Narcisse somehow came to life thanks to Bey’s theory of an alter-ego that we all possess. This other part of our personalities that is freer, less concerned about other people’s opinions, and that embraces itself completely! I love that idea!

It’s not really about becoming someone else, but more like liberating oneself for a short instant (or not!). Like, THIS IS NARCISSE’S TIME, Esther move aside! Haha!

Beyoncé inspires me as an artist, but most importantly as a hardworking woman. She sets herself goals and manages to always go beyond people’s expectations of her. She makes me want to be a thousand times more focused on my goals so that people can respect me, but most importantly so that I can respect myself. I want to be able to look at my reflection in the mirror one day and be like  » Look at what you’ve accomplished, look at all the people who’ve inspired and encouraged. You can be proud of yourself ». I don’t know if that’s what Bey feels, but if I were her, it would cross my mind sometimes. While still remaining humble and respectful of course.

There are no better words to describe her than hardworking, perfectionist, humble, and respectful. You can tell how she truly loves and applauds other people’s crafts, and the efforts put into perfecting them.

This article is a chance for me to tell you all about a few people I respect for their courage to start their businesses, driven by their passion, their ambition, or the simple need to try something new.

The first on my list is Aissatou/Astou, more widely known as AToutouK on Instagram. She has a cooking/food blog named « Ma Reine De Bide« , and it is simply awesome! If you’re looking for a culinary blog, this is the one to follow. Aside from being super talented, AToutouK has a personality that you can’t help but love! When I started sharing my articles, she showed me such an unexpected (because we’ve actually never met IRL) and incredible support! I wish for my blog to grow as beautifully as hers! You’re doing a great job, pretty!

IG: AToutouK  and Ma Reine De Bide

Blog: Ma Reine De Bide


Next in line is GlamNats! This Snapchat account’s admin is my friend Mariam and she uses it to share everything she knows and everything you need to know to take care of your natural hair, without harming it, and on a variety of budgets. I am quite lazy when it comes to taking care of my hair, but seeing all the efforts she puts in her videos and DIY recipes for hair made me want to learn more about how to treat mine in a better way. She is absolutely passionate by natural hair and natural products and gives a platform for everyone to be able to share their own personal tips as well. This is what GlamNats is all about!

Snapchat: kinksncurls101


ANAIVI Makeup: ANAIVI is a business created by my friend Jenny and some of her close friends. Jenny is really passionate about makeup. She sees it as an art and a way to express oneself. He colleagues and she are very much talented in their craft, so if you’re ever interested in getting your makeup done (Canada), in helping them grow, or just in some inspiration for your looks, here are all the links!




Marie-Louise and her page « Coton et Chiffons » are the next ones on the praise list. The page is all about the most refined pieces of clothing and all of ML’s fashion favorites. ML’s IG account is so aesthetically pleasing that you just don’t get enough of it. And can we talk about her personality? She is a sweetheart! Go, go, and follow now!


Facebook:  Coton et Chiffons


Hadja Idrissa Bah: This young lady right here inspires me and inspires so many other people in Guinea. On top of her 18 yo, Idrissa is a fervent activist fighting to protect, educate, and emancipate young girls in Guinea living in harmful family circles. She fights the good fight, and that’s why everyone should follow her and help her succeed!

Twitter: Idrissa Bah


Guineanintlse: Guinean in Toulouse is an Instagram page held by two cousins who’ve decided to team up because of their love for fashion, photography, and aesthetics in general. The photos have stories and anecdotes, which makes them even more interesting and entertaining. It’s a pleasure for the eye! Follow them!

IG: Guinean In Toulouse


Now, this is a little bonus for the person I feel the most connected to on this list, Binta Camara! Binta is not an entrepreneur yet, but what she brings to local businesses, companies, organizations on a daily basis is unbelievable! Her feed is always full of positive messages and support for anyone who seeks it. She shares some links on where to go, what to do, how to start something and unknowingly boosts people’s dreams up. She probably inspired a lot of people just by her genuine wish to give back to our country and to help make of it the place that the people deserve. We all need some Binta in our feeds to start the day.

Twitter: Binta Camara

As much as the impact Bey had on me, I hope that these people’s efforts will inspire someone to just go for it! Whether it works or not isn’t always the point, because sometimes it just feels good to do something you believe in!

I really wanted to publish this article because it’s important to remember that somebody else’s light doesn’t necessarily block mine. Everybody has a different path to follow and with perseverance, will, and a lot of work, it’s never that far. Don’t stop yourself from dreaming and even when they make you doubt, never let them stop you!

You just need to find your calling and work hard on becoming the best you can be. I believe in you, even though I don’t know all of you. I hope you liked this article!

Have a great weekend!

With much, much love,

Narcisse Xx



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