I don’t really know if I can say « finally » because let’s be honest, 2018 went by in a FLASH!

I still vividly remember new year’s eve for 2018 as if it happened yesterday. I guess time really flies by when you’re enjoying yourself.

And this is exactly what 2018 was to me: A year of discovery, of changes, of new beginnings, but all in all an enjoyable year.

It was transformative, fulfilling and full of lessons!

I experienced many milestones, some I still cannot believe happened to me exactly at the moment I needed them the most. I often like to reflect on how far I’ve come compared to the previous year and this year is no different.

2018 has brought me a lot of positive things and I honestly feel like 2019 will be even better!

Usually, a new year comes with a bunch of resolutions and a lot of « New Year, New Me ». We seek to always do and be better than the past year, which is highly commendable. We look around at people who evolve in their lives as each year passes and it motivates us, but it can also create a pressure that doesn’t have to be there. A pressure we indulge in so easily.

I have decided to do it differently this year and only wish for the things I have no real hold of, like health, mental state, and things like that. Career-wise, relationship-wise, I can make anything happen if I work hard for it and if my heart stays genuine, so all I can do is pray for the best outcomes.

Those are some of the reasons why 2019 looks so bright to me, and there are many more!

I am not saying that it will be a walk in the park but my perspective on events keeps shifting and maturing so I am not worried as much.

When you stop for a second and think that we made it through this year, this is already a huge accomplishment that we need to be thankful for. This simple thought is enough to cheer me up when I am down.

This is more of a happy note than an article, so I am going to keep it as short and sweet as possible.

I really want to extend the love, some words of encouragement, a whole lot of positive energy and wish all of you all the best in this new journey that is 2019!


THIS YEAR WILL BE YOURS! (Narcisse is willing to share the limelight in 2019, Haha!)

Much love,

Narcisse Xx




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