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Hello, beautiful people 💛 How have you all been? How is 2019 treating you so far? It's been so long since I have last updated the blog with an article. I was at loss for inspiration, to be perfectly honest with you. I kept writing, but nothing was ever finished, therefore, ever good enough to… Lire la suite UNAPPRECIATED

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How To Succeed In Life?

Hello, my dear readers! How have you all been? I hope this week has been treating you very well, but if not, thank God it's Friday, right? With that being said, I have been working on this article for the past month (Narcisse, Professional Procrastinator at your service!) and finally had the courage to finish… Lire la suite How To Succeed In Life?

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Lettre Ouverte À Moi Même

  Bravo,   Pour tout ce que tu as accompli, tout ce pourquoi tu t’es battu et qui a abouti Pour tout ce que tu as réalisé et qui t’as rendu fière D’être restée tenace face à l’adversité De t’être battue pour les choses auxquelles tu crois, les choses qui te tenaient à coeur D’avoir… Lire la suite Lettre Ouverte À Moi Même